Saturday, December 11, 2010

Coming This January


cutiepie80 said...

Hello :)
I'd love to be a Writer for Rage Magazine.

Experience: (I'm a writer and Co-owner) and
Why I'd like to be a writer : Because I think this would be a great experience,I want to express my passion for Writing and Fashion and because I believe I can bring something to Rage Magazine.

Anonymous said...

Hi!!!! I want to be creative director!!
Name: Melissa (on SD: sweety-Melissa4)
Why id like to be a writer: because i have expierence, i am very creative (really!), i have many ideas!! Also i can bring you media partners!

bu_ny said...

Hello !

Name : Rokas ( stardoll name : bu_ny )
Age : 14
Expierence :
Why id like to be a writer? : Emmm... Because I'm very interesting person, I like create stardoll graphics and I believe I can be very good writer your magazine.