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I have tried so many projects on Stardoll but they always seem to get forgotten. I want to be remembered on Stardoll for doing something. Should I just give up? - Christina.Lake

Zoe: If you want to have a successful project, then you definitely should not give up! Try and think of something that hasn't been done yet, think up fresh ideas and get people excited about it. Don't give up for silly reasons, and keep trying until your satisfied with what you have done. I'm sure you can do it.

I need advice for my blog. No one follows and that's a big problem! What can I do to make people follow the blog except from making comps with prizes stardollars since I don't have codes - _StarHelen_

Zoe: Getting followers doesn't mean competitions. Make your blog interesting. Perhaps create a segment only avaliable on your blog. Post daily if possible and keep your blog active. Having a fresh layout may also attract people to follow, and when you're happy with your blog, tell your friends!

Nojarama: Hi,
It's no problem you're welcome. So I didn't receive the link to your blog but all I can say is that no-one wants to see a typical stardoll blog it's been done,done and done! If I were you I'd use some innovative and creative ideas to attract a solid following base. Another good idea is to publicise your blog no-one will know about your blog unless you bring it to their attention!

My friend Sarah's boyfriend has been texting my other friend Ciara, and they flirt a lot and are planning on meeting up. I really want to tell my friend Sarah, because she has a right to know what's going on but it will crush her and if I tell her, Ciara will think I betrayed her. But if I don't tell her and she finds out I knew, Sarah will think I betrayed her. I want to be loyal to both girls. I have no idea what to do! - Christina.Lake

Zoe: I know this will be difficult for you, but it's unfair that Sarah doesn't know that this is all going on behind her back, she deserves to know that her boyfriend is being disloyal to her, and as her friend, you are the best person to tell her. After all, if Sarah finds out about this and that you kept it from her, she will be a lot more upset than she would have been

Nojarama: Hi,
This is a very fragile situations and you and I both know someone's gonna get hurt either way so if I were you I would tell Sarah all about what's been going on behind her back that way you're being faithful to Sarah all the while doing the right thing. Ciara should understand and she may avoid talking to you and give you the 'silent treatment' but I'm sure she'll come around as she'd recognize that what she was doing was immoral and wrong.

Well, my friend is ignoring me, I don't know why. He's my only friend because I'm kinda a loner. And I want him to talk to me. But he always answers in short questions and shrugs. It's really annoying, and when I try to confront him, he runs away. He was my best friend up to this, what should I do now? -Friendless

Zoe: Sometimes things like this happen, friendships change and sometimes we just can't explain it. Try and get him on his own, and talk to him. If he continues this behavior, he isn't worth your friendship.

Hi Guys can I have some advice, Us at ICON want to have a famous blog but how do we get lots of followers &/or viewers? - lige07

Zoe: Have something new and exciting in your blog, something that will make people come back again and again to read perhaps a unique segment. Try not to post what everyone is posting about, and post actively! Tell your friends, and get the word travelling about your blog!

Nojarama: Hi,
Well to be candid I would be going for innovative things with the blog maybe become affiliates with some popular projects on Stardoll to attract more people to your blog.

Is there away to get rid of spots quickly? :} - great789
 Zoe: Surprisingly, spot creams from the stores are rarely effective. The best advice I can give you is to drink a lot of water and to make sure to remove any make-up you have on before you go to bed. As for creams, it differs depending on your skin. Instead of buying creams from the store, go to your doctor and they will give you the right cream for your skin.